Baffled Bears is a collection of 2222 randomly generated unique profile picture NFTs. These bears are confused, cute, and fun. The countdown has begun and they are looking for their masters. Explore their properties from the listings on the right to find the most talented and rare Baffled Bear.

Properties List

Background: Beach, Beige, Black, Blue, Cells, Gray, Green, Halloween, Mint Green, Moon, Night, Orange, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Spooky, Yellow, ???
Fur: Blue, Brown, Dalmatian, Gray, Green, Light Blue, Light Pink, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Salmon, Tiger, Turquoise, White, Yellow
Body: Bandages, Bitcoin Chain, Black Bow Tie, Blue Book, Blue Bow Tie, Blue Dress, Blue Kitchen Apron, Blue Scarf, Blue T-Shirt, Blue Tool Apron, Bronze Medal, Brown Tool Apron, Flower Necklace, Gold Medal, Gray Dress, Green Book, Green Bow Tie, Green Dress, Green Scarf, Green T-Shirt, ID Badge, None, Orange T-Shirt, Pink T-Shirt, Purple Dress, Purple Kitchen Apron, Purple Scarf, Purple T-Shirt, Red Book, Red Bow Tie, Red T-Shirt, Silver Medal, Spiked Mace, Sword, Tattoo, Tie Green-Orange, Tie Green-Pink, Tie Red-Blue, Vaccine, War Axe, Yellow Kitchen Apron, Yellow T-Shirt
Eyes: 3D Glasses, Angry, Big, Binoculars, Bitcoin, Black Hero Mask, Blue Hero Mask, Crying, Cucumber, Cyborg, Eyelashes, Glasses, Goggles, Green Buttons, Green Hero Mask, Hearts, Hypnotized, Laser, Monocle, None, Orange Buttons, Panda, Pirate Patch, Red Hero Mask, Reptile, Scary, Sleep Mask, Sunglasses, Thug Life Glasses, Voodoo, Winking, Yin Yang
Mouth: Black Beard, Black Moustache, Blonde Beard, Blue Beard, Blue Disposable Mask, Blue Lips, Bone, Censored, Fu Manchu, None, Orange Bubble Gum, Party Horn, Pink Bubble Gum, Pink Disposable Mask, Pink Lips, Red Beard, Red Lips, Rose, Sad, Shows Teeth, Smoking Cigarette, Smoking Pipe, Thermometer, White Beard, White Moustache, Zip
Head: Army Helmet, Blonde Hair, Blue Beanie, Blue Durag, Blue Hair, Blue Headphones, Blue Snapback, Braid Black, Braid Blonde, Braid Blue, Bunny Ears, Chef Hat, Conical Hat, Cowboy Hat Black, Cowboy Hat Brown, Crown, Curly, Daisy Crown, Deer Antlers, Devil Horns, Earring, Fez, Floppy Hat, Flower Black, Flower Blue, French Fries, Grasshead, Green Beanie, Green Headphones, Green Snapback, Halo, Mortarboard, None, Orange Durag, Party Hat, Pirate Hat, Propeller, Purple Hair, Red Beanie, Red Hair, Red Headphones, Red Snapback, Sale Tag, Santa Hat, Sink Plunger, Sombrero, Top Hat Green Stripe, Top Hat Red Stripe, Unicorn Horn, Vaccine, Viking Hat, White Hair, Wizard Hat, Yellow Headphones



When is the launch date?
2021-09-21 21:00. You can check the countdown above this page.

What are Baffled Bears?
Baffled Bears are uniquely generated collectible PFP items created on the Solana Blockchain.

How many different properties are there?
Baffled Bears are uniquely generated with 185 properties, there is also a chance of having not a property of a body section (i.e. None). Also there are a limited number of special editions. (special effects, backgrounds, artist signature)

How do I own a Baffled Bear?
On release day, check SolSea.io for getting your unique Baffled Bear NFT.

What will be the initial price of a single Baffled Bear?
Baffled Bears will be priced at a fair price for everyone to afford. The price will increase as more Baffled Bears getting listed (Baffled Bears will be listed in batches), i.e #1-#200: 0.25 SOL, #200-#500: 0.50 SOL, #500-#1000: 0.75 SOL, #1001-#2222: 1+ SOL.   We want to reward our early collectors.

Another reason why we choose a relatively low starting price compared to other Solana NFT projects is, we count on secondary sales. When a batch released with higher price, we may increase the previous batches prices to further reward early collectors. ( Exceptions are: Special Giveaways, Black Friday deals/campaigns, private/sponsorship sales )

How many Baffled Bears will be released eventually?
There will be only 2222 unique Baffled Bears.

Will each Baffled Bears be unique?
Yes. All are 100% unique, they were algorithmically generated to be so.

Which wallet should I use?
We recommend you to use Phantom but you can use other supported wallets recommended by the marketplace.